An initiative of Techno India Healthcare Projects

Uniform Modular Design

An entire medical hub in one campus

Residential SOHO

With Specialized polyclinics

Ecofriendly infrastructure

Building and physical infra are near completion

Education Ecosystem

Education ecosystem with campus

Superior Project Design

State of the art infrasructure

Campus View


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Health Plus

Philanthropic Marketing

Visionary Behind Project

The privileged Health Card owners shall receive preferential treatment in enjoying the listed facilities on respective categories

Mission and Vision


Vision: It is our vision to be the preferred provider of habitats in communities / areas we serve by providing high quality construction and a unique manner styled to create an ideal living and working environment.

The proposed project is planned to deliver perfect blend of contemporary designs and modern construction practices and yet be the model environment friendly corporate entity.

The Proposed Techno India Healthcare project will be surrounded by green open spaces and natural tranquility. It will be a perfect blend of relaxed space with excitement & convenience of living in one the most upbeat address, surrounded by serene & peaceful neighborhood. Awe inspiring views in and around the project is created for select group of people who want a home unlike any other and  lifestyle beyond compare.